About Us

Our Mission

Cat & Craft's mission is to positively impact cat rescue and adoptions through the creation of a fun, safe and loving environment that promotes authentic connections between people and the rescue cats we foster.

Our Values


It's our long standing heart for animals that called us to invest our time and resources into building Cat & Craft. To the extent we can help reduce suffering, provide opportunities for second chances and contribute positively to the lives of the cats in our care, then we'll have considered our mission a success.


Making a significant impact begins with enrolling others into our vision for Cat & Craft. We do this not just by telling our story and the stories of the cats we foster, but by creating an environment where the community can experience and be a part of the changes happening through our collective efforts.


To us, family includes more than human relatives and friends - it's also our furry companions that provide us with unconditional love, plenty of laughs and so much joy. Helping to grow families is the best part of our mission. On our social media pages, just look for the blue cat and you'll find a growing family.

Our Space

Coffee Shop

The 'craft' in Cat & Craft is a catch-all term for our no-shortcuts approach to food and drink.

The foundation of our espresso drinks and house-made cold brew is an award-winning blend from local coffee roaster, Manzanita Roasting Co. Additionally, we make all syrups in-house with fresh ingredients and source our pastries and bread fresh daily from local providers.

Cat Lounge

The Cat Lounge is an 800 square foot, cage-free environment where our foster cats live comfortably until they're adopted. 

For guests that want to support our foster mission and spend time with the cats, 1-hour cat lounge admissions can be purchased either online as a reservation or as a walk-in pass when space allows.