Ethiopia Gute Sodu - Light Roast Single Origin

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If you opt to have your coffee ground, we will do that for you right before pickup to preserve freshness.

About This Coffee

The GUDUBA washing station is situated near the Gute Sudo village, in the Wamena hamlet of the Hambela municipality (woreda) of Guji, and is considered a great area for coffee growing due to dense forest-like conditions, providing
good shade — and one mostly finds new coffee trees (no trees are any older than 7 years). The trees are grown at very high altitudes, thus making for late
cherry picking, sometimes into January.

Coffee tree density is high, yet giving ag good production; cherry quality; and
even ripeness. The owner of the Gute Sodu washing station, Eyasu Worasa (53) has been a church leader until he took on this project two years ago. His sons are also in the coffee business, mostly supplying coffee at the ECX.
Eyasu is buying cherries from surrounding farms, and while he has made an agreement to Snap Specialty Coffee / CCS to provide great coffees from his Gute Sodu station, he might get cherries from other communities in the future.

Country: Ethiopia | Zone: Hambela Wamena | Varietal: Dega / Ethiopia Heirloom

Fermentation: 48-72 HRS Soaking Time: 5 HRS Drying Notes: Raised Beds 10 Days

Farm Size (HA): 12-13 HA

Process: Washed | Altitude: 1900-2100 masl

Notes: Nectarines & Brown Sugar