LYFF Rescue Kitten Shower (First Annual)

LYFF Rescue (and dozens of KITTENS) will be taking over the Cat & Craft Cat Lounge for a special weekend-long adoption, education and "kitten shower" event.

About this experience

This special weekend-long event hosted by LYFF Rescue is different than our normal Cat Lounge reservations. Please read carefully before booking.

LYFF Rescue is packing the Cat & Craft Cat Lounge full of KITTENS...lots of them. Here's why...

We're approaching what is called in the rescue world, "kitten season". This means that there is an over-abundance of stray/feral/abandoned kittens who require being rescued to avoid the consequences of under-resourced, over-crowded shelters.

Thankfully this kitten season LYFF Rescue expects to save over 500 KITTENS! (That’s a lot of mouths to feed).

By attending this event, not only do you get to spend an hour playing with dozens of fuzzy adoptable kittens, but by bringing a "shower gift" you're helping LYFF Rescue and their volunteers prepare for this enormous kitten season rescue effort.

Items needed for this kitten season are:
• Wet food (Friskies Pate Turkey & Giblets)
• Dry food (Blue Buffalo Kitten)
• Litter (non-clumping or clumping – any brand)
• Puppy Potty Pads
• Heat Pads (without auto-shut off)
• Miracle Nipples
• PetAg Bottle Kits
• Baby Wipe Warmers
• Fleece Blankets
• Pet Beds
• Digital Kitchen Scales

• Ticket price is $15 per guest
• Each ticket is good for 1 hour-long admission into the Cat Lounge at the reservation time selected.
• This special event is ALL AGES.
• Every guest (regardless of age) requires a ticket for admission into the Cat Lounge. (no exceptions)
• All minors under the age of 15 must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian in the Cat Lounge.
• Waiver: You will be asked to sign a wavier for you and/or any minors you're accompanying prior to entering the Cat Lounge.
• 24-Hour Cancellation Policy: To cancel and qualify for a full refund, we must receive an email from you at at least 24 hours prior to your reservation time.

Additional information

No Outside Animals
We truly love service animals; however, given the unique nature of our space we simply cannot allow outside animals of any kind inside the Cat Lounge.

Proper Petting & Playing
It's more fun for everyone when it's fun for the cats.
Please do not pick up the cats or pull on tails, whiskers, fur, etc.
No waking up sleeping cats.
No finger play (do not allow cats to lick or nibble on your fingers or hands).
If you're unsure how it interact with the cats, just ask your cat lounge host.

Food &a Drinks
We feed our fosters like royalty and we want to keep them healthy.
Please don't allow cats to drink your latte or chow down on your pastries.

Taking Pictures
Yes, please take lots of pictures and share!
Just please don't use a flash - it can hurt the cats' eyes.

Be Cool, Breeze...
All visitors (including children) are expected to behave in a respectful manner and follow our house rules. We reserve the right to refuse service and/or terminate your experience at any time for any reason.