Feeling All the Fall Feels…

Hello friends, happy almost Halloween! October has always been one of my favorite times of the year. The nights are getting cooler and I’m lucky to have a row of beautiful American Sweetgum “Liquid Amber” trees across the street from my house (spoiler, I can get really nerdy about trees)!

And because Halloween is approaching it’s almost time to pull out my favorite Halloween movie ever – Disney’s Hocus Pocus!

Earlier this year when I thought we would be open before Halloween, I had grand plans to show Hocus Pocus on repeat in the cat lounge while hosting Sanderson Sister and Black Cat costume contests. I even have a Disney official Black Flame candle (those of you who love the movie know what I’m talking about)!

All this said, I’ve just given you a huge sneak peek into what’s going down at Cat & Craft for Halloween 2019. 

Hocus Pocus


For those of you who read our most recent newsletter we had some fun celebrating House Panthers… and wow we got so many emails from readers sharing pictures of their own adorable black cats!

I LOVE hearing stories from you about your feline family members and why you love them so… each one makes my heart do happy backflips. So to continue our celebration of black cats, here are a few adorable pictures we received!

black cats

Be sure to check out our social media in the coming weeks as we are making some fun progress with cafe construction. All is slowly but surely coming together!

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  • Nika

    Wow! the fat black ones mine i cant believe she made it!

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